UX is Process: How to Intake a New Project

UX is Process: How to Intake a New Project

Creating consistent and repeatable intake process for your team

In This Series:

  1. How to Intake a New Project (you are here)
  2. Actionable User Insight
  3. Design from a Creative Brief
  4. The Design Sprint that works for you (forthcoming)

Stop me if this sounds familiar. There’s a wall a lot of aspiring and establishing designers hit. You want to practice UX the way it was taught in school and on the blogs but neither source taught you how to deal with multiple up-line authorities that don’t fully agree with one another.

The misalignment leads to waste, rework, and frustration. Eventually someone pulls the plug and either a businessperson or engineering team decides on a design, leaving you (the designer) to push pixels in Sketch or Photoshop. You know you’re polishing a turd but you’re doing it under orders from the person who pays your bills.

It’s not what you leaned in class, and it’s not how things are supposed to be — but what to do?

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