Soft Skills in UX Design Leadership

Soft Skills in UX Design Leadership

Technical skill is what makes a designer proficient. Greatness is found in the soft skills.

We all know the technical skills involved in UX. They range from fluency with design software to an ability to run a card sort or a conjoint analysis. We like to see a portfolio of work. We need to see a familiarity with lean UX and agile methodologies. In short we’ve got great lists of things that make a person technically proficient. That’s a good starting point when sorting resumes but we all know it’s just the beginning.

Those things aren’t what make a designer great. Greatness is quantified by soft skills, which many of us have a difficult time articulating.

In my professional experience there is a growth progression that starts with a deep curiosity about the world and eventually becomes directed empathy inside a shell of diplomatic design leadership. What follows is my articulation of that journey.

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