Our second major project after founding the EMC Experience Studio was undertaken as part of the Unity launch. Unity is Dell EMC’s mid-market storage server, and as such it needed to take a more B2C friendly approach than was typical of EMC’s enterprise product line. One of the least user-friendly tasks available to a new customer is often that of locating the correct technical documentation for complex hardware. We needed to design a UI that catered to B2C design sensibilities without dumbing down the engineering-centric approach for which the company had always been known.

My Role

Lead UX Designer in partnership with a functional analyst from another division of EMC.

The design itself was inspired by Material Design’s card-based design system, which allowed for rapid scaling between devices. Two years later, the Unity design would inspire my article re-examining how we frame the challenges of responsive design in an era of fragmented device usage and screen resolutions .

The Work

The screenshots below represent prototypes developed for the project. The live version of this design may have changed substantially over the last few years.