I spent 7 months at ETWater, a Series A startup, doing a mix of research, design, and template coding. The creative team consisted of an industrial designer and two UX designers with an overlapping set of skills.

Initial work included a series of employee, partner, and customer interviews that exposed a need to align on our core messaging across all areas of the business. The resulting creative brief (archived copy) explored the differences between our professional and projected residential users and identified the 6 core areas we would need to focus on going forward.

Design was mobile-first and anchored on the business goal of shifting from B2B to a B2C focus over the next few years. I designed a new look and feel for the public-facing website, while also developing the UI for an equipment leasing program. Due to the bootstrapped nature of a Series A startup, I ended up doing the vast majority of the JavaScript and PHP coding myself, which has given me a singular depth of appreciation for the design technologists / UX Engineers on my teams going forward.

The entire project shifted ownership before the new template could be brought online, due to business decisions beyond my control. What you see represented here was a coded and fully functional website, but only about 15% of the parts actually made it into production after I departed for a senior level design role at EMC.