New England’s Dimock Center has a long history of progressive community care. They were the first medical center in the United States both owned and operated by women, and have provided support to underserved communities for over half a century. When Dimock needed a strategy to better connect with the needs of their community in a digital era, Dell’s Legacy for Good program responded by sending some of its best designers to a hackathon event. My team’s core insights were that Dimock’s demographic was more likely to have entry level smart phones than computers, and that discovering services should follow an app-like mental model instead of a web-browser like approach.

My Role:

I lead design for one of two competing teams from Dell Technologies

My team’s design was selected and the second day was devoted to producing a working prototype over the course of about 15 hours. During that time we went through several reductive iterations that took us from 5 to 3 core templates. While the design itself is unlikely to launch in the form you see, it has informed and inspired the work of the Dimock Center and their creative agency as they eye a 2019 relaunch of their online presence.

The Work

Screenshots below represent a collection of designs created over a period of 48 hours, more than 25 of which were spent in working sessions.

Live Project

The agency that completed our work elected to replace the Material Design style bottom navigation with a traditional hamburger menu. This was not true to the mental model we crafted but the spirit of our work was retained in production.