For almost as long as we have been a company, EMC been a sponsor of the Dimock Center. With the Dell-EMC merger, that partnership was continued as part of Dell’s Legacy for Good program. When Dimock’s board asked us how we could help with their digital outreach, our executives were quick to respond with a multi-team hackathon, comprised of many of our best designers and developers.

My immediate insight was that Dimock works with an underserved group in the Boston area that has limited access to desktop computers but reasonably good access to smartphones. That meant our design would have to be mobile-first, and that it should mimic the interaction style of the apps that Dimock patients were used to (Jakob’s Law). The progressively enhanced desktop edition, however, would need to include access to grant and sponsorship opportunities for the donors who keep the center going.

My team’s design was selected and the second day was devoted to producing a working prototype over the course of about 15 hours. During that time we went through several reductive iterations that took us from 5 to 3 core templates. While the design itself is unlikely to launch in the form you see, it has informed and inspired the work of the Dimock Center and their creative agency as they eye a 2019 relaunch of their online presence.