The DVE platform started as an initiative to extend primary online viewership of Dell Technologies events beyond the keynote, since we would see up to 95% attrition after that point while events could last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days. Early efforts reduced attrition to 50% per hour, whereas more recent iterations have seen over 80% of our traffic occur post-live with up to 96% retention across an entire event under best-case scenarios.

My Role

I lead the design team responsible for researching, iterating, and launching features as part of a continuous integration process. Ideation is done through an ongoing series of design sprints that align stakeholders, users, and designers in a ruthless pursuit of value. Iterative design work is done through professional interaction designers using a mix of Adobe XD, Axure, and ProtoPie. Visual design follows successful usability testing with assets integrated into the existing prototype framework and development is done through Keystone JS and Vue. The design team consists of 3-7 people depending on the time of year and pace of work. Our product has achieved 100% YoY growth for three consecutive cycles, using Dell Technologies World as our benchmark, although we are increasingly focused on behavioral analytics and cross-ecosystem retention instead of individual event performance.

Major Events Covered

  • Day One | Dell EMC Merger (2016)
  • Dell EMC World 2017
  • Dell Technologies IoT Summit (2017)
  • Dell Technologies World (2018) | Archive
  • Dell Technologies AI Summit (2018) | Archive
  • Dell Technologies World (2019) | Upcoming
  • Dell Technologies Thought Leadership Collective | Upcoming
  • Dell Technologies Quarterly Events (ongoing)

The Work

What you see pictured below represents a collection of wireframes and prototypes from throughout the iterative process. Relevant live event archive links are posted above, when available.