With a major upcoming design revision underway, version 3 of the virtual events interface is a mature product. Nevertheless, an examination of the best features of our previous iterations has lead us to a 3.1 take on the UI. Combined with the latest Dell Technologies unified branding it cuts a striking figure among our offerings.

This article is in progress and will not be completely written until after the 11/14 event has concluded.

The virtual events application is divided into two parts with additional subsections for navigation, header, and footer components.

  1. The main stage (left)
  2. The audience are (right)

This material metaphor is carried throughout the application and allows the user to quickly find the most relevant information in the place they expect. The application is designed to fit up to an extreme 2:1 ratio, in order to account for thick web browser UI chrome setups.

High fidelity prototypes from the iterative process are available for review:

  • Version 3.1a: Before Q&A was broken out but after removing dynamic cards
  • Version 3.1b: Q&A broken out into its own section
  • Version 3.0-post: Replay and interactive transcripts enabled

The executive review deck (design approval) is archived here (PowerPoint).