Ian Armstrong | UX Designer | San FranciscoI lead diverse product design teams, facilitate agile workflows, craft strategic approaches to complex problems, align cross-functional stakeholders, and create value-driven experiences within a human-centered framework. I’ve been doing this as a designer and/or a leader at both small and large businesses since the first dot-com boom. My primary expertise is in hybrid application design for web and mobile projects. I currently lead creative on Dell Technologies digital events platform.

A bit about my design philosophy:

Design is entrepreneurial. Design is generous. Design imagines a world that works better for all things that inhabit it – the people, the places, the systems, and their environment. We study what is, today, as a means of discovering what could be tomorrow.

Sometimes we even make a little ding in the universe.

I have been designing for digital products since I was 21 years old, so it’s been half a lifetime now. What was once an individual and slightly eccentric pursuit is now a major industry, and a team sport. Entire organizations have adopted the philosophy that a product doesn’t exist only to make the company rich, but rather to create value for the people it serves. The primary goal of a design-lead organization is therefore a noble one, which is really what gets me out of bed in the morning.

We’re all in this journey together though, so let’s make it good (and well designed) one.

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