Ian Armstrong

In a 140k person global company my team has earned a reputation for pushing the digital envelope, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Our job is to understand and connect people around a shared purpose. Our work is essential to the company’s thought leadership and sales pipeline.

We share a genuine pride in furthering Dell Technologies’ legacy of innovation.

Principal #1: Understand the human currency of UX. Every element of a design has to function on an understanding of people, their motivations and behaviors. Value is the currency of design, behavior is its medium.

Principal #2: Passion makes the sum of the team’s parts sizzle. No one can design a global platform spanning dozens of languages and cultures alone. Managing a team’s workflows is not enough.  Elevating the work means capturing that elusive blend of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Principal #3: Articulating good design is as critical as creating good design. As a design lead, I have to champion our team’s work to help stakeholders and executives genuinely understand how our design helps achieve their goals. 

A selection of comments about my work and management style:

“Sometimes there are people who just want to ‘check the box’, but immediately I knew Ian was a guy that wanted to reshape, rethink & enlarge the box for the benefit of the customer and I love the opportunity to work with people like that because it pushes me also.”

“His energy lifts up people around him and he always puts the customer first in his creative and technical decisions”

“To say Ian keeps customer experience top of mind would be an understatement. His work is saturated with this principle.”

Ian Armstrong, signature